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Jumbo Letter Backdrops

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Jumbo Letter Backdrops

This is one of our newer products we introduced to the special event industry.

Each letter is printed on 4 ft. x 8 ft. fabric and installed onto a lightweight aluminum frame.  These are designed for indoor use only.

Obviously, any letter or number combination can be created and used for weddings, mitzvahs, corporate events, theme parties, or high school events (CLASS of 2014).  You can rent any combination of letters that you choose…and what you spell…is up to you.

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jumbo large letters backdrops
backdrop letters
large letters for backdrop large backdrop letters
backdrop letters
jumbo letters for backdrop jumbo backdrop backdrop letters
jumbo letters   backdrop letters

In addition to letters, we also create other shadow concepts to match our centerpieces.

4 ft. wide x 8 ft. tall Perimeter Props

backdrop frame
backdrop props
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